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The Grounding for Mindfulness Meditation™ (GfMM) is a deep and effective way to induce mindfulness in every day life for anyone anywhere. The technique is effective and works instantly. The Grounding for Mindfulness Meditation™ (GfMM) can be taught to adults, teenagers and children as it has several versions which are taught differently depending on age, gender and current needs of the learner(s). The technique is taught individually, in pairs or in groups. 

The effect and benefits of the technique are described in different parts of this site. For individual coaching please visit this link while corporate pages will explain the value of Mindfulness for Leaders and group dynamics within the corporate environment. For therapists, youth workers, SEN and mainstream teachers please follow this link (coming soon) for The Basic Grounding for Mindfulness Meditation™ (BGfMM) especially adapted technique for education.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to book a session or a training day.

It only takes half an hour to learn the meditation but with practice it becomes much used life-long skill. It is especially helpful in a high pressure situations at home and in your professional life. It has been taught to people from all walks of life, from busy mothers, high executives, stressed out teachers, chefs in high pressure environments to students, artists and school children.

Billie has taught mindfulness meditation to over two thousand teenagers in secondary schools over the last fifteen years. She taught children in mainstream schools including children with Autism (who loved every minute of it!) . The Grounding for Mindfulness is highly effective in professional, domestic and educational settings alike.