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The Grounding for Mindfulness Meditation (GfMM)™ has been designed and adapted for teaching in everyday life from several arts by Billie Krstovic MA MCHP. Billie's Masters Degree is in Religious Education (research into Spiritual Development and Self-Development in Education) from Warwick University and she is currently planning to start a Phd in Mindfulness. Billie is an Advanced Practitioner for Australian Bush Flower Essences , energy healer and Psychology teacher. 

Billie has 35 years of practising, learning, investigating and researching into: Mindfulness, Yoga, meditation, plant medicine, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga,vibrational medicine, Kundalini Yoga, Ki-Aikido, Chi Kung and Religion and spirituality, with special interests in Buddhism, Hinduism and Earth religions and ancient spirituality. Billie holds a Rank of 1St DAN Black Belt in Ki-Aikido and has also been trained in Transcendental Meditation and the TM Siddhi programme and  and Hatha and Raja Yoga. She she studied meditation, Ayurveda,Western and Eastern Astrology, Hatha Yoga and ancient Vedic scripts whilst living in a meditation centre in the mountains above lake Lucerne in Switzerland in 1990. She is also a member of the The Alister Hardy Society for the study of Spiritual Experience at Trinity St David at Lampeter, Wales. She has been studying Yoga, mindfulness and meditation since the age of 11.

 Billie is also a qualified secondary school teacher currently working as a Head of Social Sciences and teaching Psychology. She has also taught Religious Education and Philosophy and Ethics. She has so far trained many generations of  adolescents in secondary schools to practice Mindfulness via The Grounding for Mindfulness Meditation (GfMM)™ and has also adapted the technique into The Basic Grounding for Mindfulness Meditation (BGfMM)™ especially for Educational use. 

Billie is founder of Happiness at Schools Project. 

Apart from her work in education she also teaches adults within and outside of school environment and has designed several versions of the technique which can be taught to individuals, pairs, groups and in educational,SEN, creative, sport, healthcare and also corporate environments to leaders and their teams.